Trying to count macro’s

So my main aim for the week has been counting macros (counting carbs, protein etc), I’m driving everyone in the house mad trying to keep a tab on the numbers, as last week being weighed at the gym was frustrating to say the least by “J” my personal trainer. I even bored my 1.30 club lunch partners in the staff room with my drone about not losing weight, they felt my pain of wanting to cut my leg off  and eating boiled eggs for extra protein to get to my goal before my weekend away in Harrogate.

WELL a miracle did happen… as “J” suggested a weigh in on Friday, my heart dropped “Oh no not again” I’m not sure my heart could take it nor my face, what with trying to stifle a cry with my poker face… but bingo 3.5 kilos in old school half a stone! WHAT THE HELL!!! I still can’t get my head round it, I’m not convinced, maybe the scales are wrong? I’m not holding my breath as I’m that sort of gal where I always think something must be up instead of patting myself on the back and believing in myself. Anyway “J” was chuffed also 3 inches from my waist woohoo. I hope she doesn’t want to weigh me again so soon or I will have to resort to cutting another limb off.

So last Sunday we had a family lunch which Max #1 son rubbed his hands together as it was everyone’s favourite, Poppy #1 daughter and boyfriend Ollie along with Liberty and Molly #3 and #4 daughters were excited for Toad in the hole. Now I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth because Peter #1 husband decided he would go to Tesco buy, prepare and cook. Marvellous all I had to do was peel potato’s yay. Now what should have been a quick dinner turned into a mammoth George Michael concert listening 4 hour event. This resulted in burnt hole (yorkshire pudding) and Peter being all Jamie Oliverish put various different toads (sausages) in the said burnt hole which were not to everyone’s liking and to top it off shop bought red onion gravy…oh no no no sireee… Note to self should of helped by going with him but had a slight hangover from our night out with friends Kelly and Dan, Pornstar Martini. G&T. Wine blimey no wonder I felt worse for wear.

But never the less I love sitting around our table with our children, its never quiet, sometimes a bit of an argument happens but not this Sunday all happy, chatting, lively fun that makes me a happy Mumma.

We had a brief encounter with Yorkshire this weekend – stayed in The Hotel Du Vin in Harrogate a very lovely place, shops are fantastic and lots of different places to eat and drink. I tested the gin and amazingly it tasted the same as in London. Met a wonderful young lady from Spain who worked in our hotel bar, she actually made me want to go to San Sabastian. I think maybe it was her accent that sold it to me, sounded so much nicer how she said it. Any how that has been put on the to do list. I think I would like to stay a little more rustic place next time, I had an image in my head what Yorkshire was like and it definitely wasn’t flat caps, pipe smoking, hovis eating. In fact Harrogate was very nice, wish we could of spent a little more time but there is always next time. We travelled by train which was relaxing but coming home felt exhausting.

So next week we look forward to Easter. Time for friends and family to get together and chocolate eggs, how on earth am I going count my macros…We have to see what next week!


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