Family holiday well and truly booked

We decided a couple of weeks ago to book a holiday…. now I love holiday’s and I like nothing more than packing a case for ONE, with this I mean I have long left behind packing for four children and one husband which would usually have me at breaking point even before we had decided to leave for the airport.  I now have the luxury of packing my own and giving advice to whoever may be coming along. This brings me back to picking this years annual holiday.

I thought about Cuba. Now whilst researching I over heard a group of people in a pub in Wimbledon discussing their holiday in Cuba. now trying to listen to Peter and having one ear on their conversation is tricky in itself ( which is one of Peter’s bugbear’s when I’m interested in someone’s convo that is not on our table) one person had booked independently and the other booked with Tui, stretching my ear to listen all I got was lovely beach and all-inclusive was ok..not that helpful. I looked online but I find the more you look the more bamboozled I become and people’s reviews were very mixed. A few weeks later we visited our local Italian (owned by Portguese) restaurant and Silvio told us he was off to Cuba and he gave it a big old thumbs up…now to persuade Peter but as always he is “Mr Manjana” so we have to wait.

It had taken sometime to pin Peter down to discuss, pick and the dreaded word Pay and eventually we had decided not to head to Cuba this year and try Thailand again.

The first time was around five years ago with our friends Annabel, Paul and their son. Although we had a brilliant time both Paul and Peter had been unwell and it had felt like unfinished business. Now last time we headed for Bangkok then onto Koh Chang. The furthest I had ever been has been Florida and my parents have been to Thailand before the major tsunami in 2004 and had given us great reviews.

We arrived to five star treatment, amazing food and hospitality. We took a walk along the most beautiful beach in Koh Chang and I couldn’t believe there were coconuts on the beech that had fallen from the tree, so I ran over to pick one up and as I did my fingers slid deep into the rancid rotten meat smelling fruit, any sort of paradise left my senses with the most horrific smell, I ran into the sea to wash it off but no luck and the walk back to the hotel was a good 40 minute walk. Heavenly scented I was not!  Another time we let Molly#3and Liberty#2 go out on a canoe with Annabel’s son and we convinced ourselves they were going to die and be eaten by sharks so began screaming on beach for them to come back to the shore, they returned unfazed by this with the words of “what the hell, we was having fun”.

I found a love for Thai food, roasted coconut and met some lovely people, I keep in touch with Tree a young man who worked in a local bar on the beach via face book and I haven’t had the heart to say we are returning but not to Koh Chang.

When we went last time Poppy#1 and Max #1 son didn’t come as they will not this year . Max spent New Year in Australia with his best buddy who is travelling at the moment and Poppy is off to Canada in September for a friends wedding.  I hope we can get a few days away all together in the sunshine later this year. We all went to Ibiza last year which was amazing.

Back to Thailand, our friends are going as well but they are staying in Pattaya for the whole time so we have decided to have two nights in Bangkok then three nights in Pattaya, they have been there before so will be able to show us the sights without losing time faffing around then on to Koh Sumui for nine days. Liz and Paul’s hotel has a water park, lazy river etc as they have younger children with them, so we have decided to stay in a hotel just along the way leaving us able to dip in and out. I have been checking online for iteneries for three days so leaving us time to relax and have fun. I’m quite excited but we have at least four months yet. I think the girls will have a different time and are really enthusiastic, we all want to try yoga in our hotel and are eager to be a bit more adventurous . We will have to wait and see, what with a boyfriend being left behind and time differences.  For now….

Kob Kuhn Mak




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