Birthday’s Galore

Having four children is a wonderful joy as some can imagine. There are always highs and lows and in The Mitchell house birthdays are a thing to celebrate.  Since the day they were born we have sat on our bed opened cards which are read top to bottom and nothing missed out and presents are given with the obligatory box of Malteasers… this has now changed as Poppy now lives with Oliver and Liberty lives at dance college plus trying to fit 6 adults on our bed was beginning to become quite difficult with vying for space and there is nothing worse than being under the covers when someone is sitting on top which is pulling the covers tight very uncomfortable but lovely as I miss it dreadfully.

Whilst planning a family I didn’t take much care of dates of conceiving so 3 of 4 of our brood have birthdays quite close together in December and January and what with Christmas this can be quite challenging. For instance wanting a specific presents i.e. Power Ranger, Toy Story’s Buzz, Baby Annabel along with every other child on the planet can be quite stressful.  Now long before we could press a button and Amazon could deliver in 2 hours or tell us when it will be in stock we had to use all sorts of methods, calling stores, getting everyone on board to keep a look out in far flung Woolworths, sending Peter on wild goose chases in London hoping he would come back with the bounty so no one would be disappointed. This is stressful and now has an impact on how I feel, the anxiety I feel and this is my own doing. Why have I put this pressure on to myself??

Sending out birthday party invites that get mixed up with Christmas cards and the inevitable would happen no shows and booking a McDonald’s birthday party where everyone had lost interest due to new years celebrations. I’m not being negative and I would never let anything stop the fun but you can’t help the day your born everyone has a birthday.

This brings me to my stress levels with celebrations. I never want to disappoint, never want to get it wrong and everyone wants a surprise. My children like nothing more than having a surprise of not knowing what they are getting (but have hinted) and would never want to know what I have purchased and even to have it before their said birthdays, now that would be sacrilege and is scorned upon when other children have had their play station or leather jacket a week before their birthday… WHAT are you thinking mother!  What are you going to open on your birthday or Christmas?!

This year has been a particular biggy for our House, I turned 50 and Poppy 25 in December, Molly turned 18 and Liberty is 21 this weekend.  So no house party this time, which I was quite thankful for as we have had some humdingers but the clearing up afterwards and making sure the loo hasn’t, overflowed during the fun has had my stress levels nearly at breaking point.  Am I going to get it right? I hope so. Will they be disappointment? No but we all have expectations of what we want, when I had a 40th Birthday party, so much effort, balloons, buffet, disco and time and at the end of it felt a bit deflated as no one touched the food, didn’t get to chat to all my friends as time just flashed by. This time 10 years later decided best have a small affair with family and a few friends, which worked out fantastic.

This week I have arranged for Poppy and Liberty to go for Spa treatments in No1 The Alywch in The Strand London (I would of loved to have gone but due to working and times) they had a splendid time swimming, steam room, neck and back massage but was blown away by the pedicure, so I’m jealous and WILL be booking in May with my friend Nat. Then quick run out of work to collect a bouquet of balloons which was much bigger than I expected then run them up to All Bar One bar in our town whilst talking to a lady regarding a present that had been ordered and not delivered arrrrrrgggg stress and to top it off it’s the hottest day of the year so far and the balloons start popping giving people the biggest fright with a man actually screaming like a four year old. Phew. Run home as college friends arriving open a bottle of something and chuck P!nk on Alexa and off we go.  Wake up, do it all again this time with Max and Peter.

It doesn’t stop there…have I bought them the right things? Have they got enough? There has been times when poor Max has either not told us what he wants or been on holiday so we say “just say what you want” then he forgets, then I forget so he is most probably owed 2 birthday pressies to date.  Anyway nothing I can change now money has been spent, the cake is ready, one present missing the main one but hey I’m only human after all and lets hope “J” from the gym doesn’t want to weigh me this week because this girl might actually have a heart attack through stress along with car break down, visiting my parents and also doing the normal day to day mundane chores.

I have a break now until Peter’s birthday in June that brings its own worries what do you buy the man that literally has everything and needs nothing? Plus I have to ask for money to buy his gift- hilarious in itself. Oh well still in celebratory mode so need to stop worrying.       Happy 21st Liberty Starshine



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