Today I was compelled to write about something that isn’t funny, that is expected but always shocking and something we will never get use to, overwhelmingly, how do you respond? There actually isn’t a right way.

Today a beautiful lady left this earth due to cancer, why it picked her that is something we will never know; it picks indiscriminately and doesn’t care who it hurts. It’s a thing that everyone is scared of and we should be. This lovely lady has a large caring family, who are heartbroken how is this life fair.

I have been touched by death, my nephew losing his little girl, heart breaking my best friend losing both her brothers, my auntie, my beloved uncle, father in law so sad and how do you explain it? Why does it hurt so much? People die all the time but for some reason us humans cannot get it together and be ready for it. We will never be prepared.

My children have been lucky, they can’t remember Peter’s dad they only have our memories and pictures and when both of my Nan’s died they were so young. They knew my uncle Ken and he left them with fond memories but it wasn’t until this January our family pet dog Peggy died. I saw their vulnerability, she was their sister she wasn’t a dog just part of our family which has left a massive gap in our home that I’m not sure can be filled again, she was our baby. Each of my children dealt with it differently and would have her back in a shot if we could.

I wish I had the answers; I wish I could wave a magic wand and fix broken hearts. I want to know why, do I believe there is a higher power or a god, I’m not sure, if there was I want to know why and that answer is definitely not coming any time soon. Some take comfort hoping there is and that is totally up to them and if this brings them a sense of security I applaud it. The pain of grief cannot be measured. I hope there are angels, I hope we become stars, I hope our loved ones are watching over us. Finding comfort in whatever you believe must help the grieving process.

To all our loved ones who we have lost along the way we must treasure the memories and hope they rest easy where ever they may travel to.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.



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