Its Definitely A Girl Thing #Bras

Now I’m not the smallest girl on top I’m talking boobs, tits, bosoms, breasts whatever you might call them. Mine didn’t make an appearance till I was around 15. I remember laying in bed watching my sister in front of our dressing table mirror thinking oh my god am I going to get them one day, now my sister is ten years older than me so being a six year old looking at a sixteen year old this took an amazingly long time and when they did grow they decided not to stop!

Shopping for bras was excruciating when I was younger, being measured by a matronly women in a department store and being given certain wide strapped frumpy harnesses, which would make me feel ghastly with a lump in my throat. Having to endure a fateful Christmas giving and receiving presents with my 2 brothers, sister and other halves when my mum gave me my pressie “exciting” you would think but HELL NO! I unwrapped the most hideous, old granny bra with a comment from my mum “it was the only one in your size” Kill me moment comes to mind the bloody straps could of held up an elephant.

Thank god for the person who actually realised its not just old ladies that have larger breast or even tiny ones. We need and want to wear something pretty not some old fashioned restraining mechanism. Now you can go to Marks and Spencer’s on the high street and pick one off the shelf. 2014 see a change for them and I shout hallelujah to that so I don’t have to go to a specialist bra shop just to get my size and in fact spend an absolute fortune.

Due to pregnancy and weight gain over the years my cup size has fluctuated but I now have a choice and in various colour yippee I still haven’t learnt my lesson of when something is perfect buy a couple (if you can afford it) but never do. For now I’m happy to be able to buy a bra or bikini in my size and feel nice, even sexy and not just making do with an ugly hammock contraption just because. Actually the other week we saw an advert for bigger sizes on telly and liberty commented, “really does anyone want tassels on their bras” eeeermm Yes.

My girls haven’t been blessed with my size breasts, I’m actually glad as I found them a real pain when I was younger and only started to like them in my thirties as fashion and coming to terms with the fact that they didn’t seem to be going any where. No one is truly happy with their lot. I always wanted to have smaller one’s, which they have got so perhaps my wish came true for them.

We are now in a generation where we can get what we want by clicking a button and some very fine people have helped us larger busted ladies Attollo lingerie, Boux Avenue, Figleaves to name a few. I THANK YOU.





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