It’s all in the hands of the masseuse

I feel I was a bit of a late comer to a massage, not something my parents ever did until they went to Thailand and that was when they had retired so when my friend Lisa was thirty Peter suggested we went to The Sanctuary which was in Covent Garden but alas closed in May 2014, anyway we had a day planned and both were massage virgins. We both were led away separately and taken to a room with a bed with heavenly scents and soothing music. I enjoyed this sensual massage and felt very relaxed whilst the lady spoke to me gently. After I went back around the pool and laid on a sun bed flicking through a magazine and I gave it a 10 out of 10 but when Lisa came out red faced marching towards me I wondered what had happened, her experience was nothing like mine as she explained that Helga the Shot Putter had pulled her knickers down and massaged her bum and was very close to something else. Lisa was so indignant I laughed so hard, she felt violated even now I only spoke about it to her this weekend and she still shivers at the thought but when I think about it, makes me smile. Since then we have been for a head and shoulder massage together just to be safe and Lisa went to Greece where she had an amazing experience.

Only a little while ago whilst in Spain Peter suggested I have a massage on the beach by a Chinese lady, I was happy with that and while I lay there relaxed in the sun having my shoulders massaged I wondered if she is massaging my back then who the hell is massaging my calves, when I looked round there was a tiny creepy Chinese man literally at the foot of the bed going at my legs. VERY uncomfortable and disturbing to say the least. Peter however found this very amusing. I’m not doing that again!

When we visited Thailand it seemed to be the everyday norm on the beach so advised Poppy #1 daughter when she visited she should go for one…..oh no no her experience was dreadful being pulled about and put in positions without a bra on and with an audience.! That experience she will never forget and never wants to experience it again, since then a friend told her she had the same sort of massage as her while visiting Thailand, this gives her a little bit of comfort. Does make me chuckle though.

The more I write about massages the more I remember having more. Max #1 son bought me a voucher for a full massage in a local Rush Beauty , it was great until she massaged one side of my shoulder with her elbow which was excruciating, I thought I was going to scream, then it was over until I realised she was going to do the same to the other shoulder ouch now that hurt but a good all round massage.

A massage can be a personal thing. With a person you don’t know touching you whilst you are undressed and vulnerable, so can be quite intimidating to say the least. Whilst working in a school a male member of staff massaged my back in a friendly way while I sat at my desk I did laugh but this could have been taken in the wrong way but of course I didn’t… the girls around me laughed out loud at my red face. We a left in the hands of the masseuse we don’t ask for identification or certificates so any Tom, Dick or Harry can do it..ha

I look forward to my next massage not on the beach in Spain, maybe in Thailand but I haven’t been put off just yet!!!


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