Family holiday well and truly booked

We decided a couple of weeks ago to book a holiday…. now I love holiday’s and I like nothing more than packing a case for ONE, with this I mean I have long left behind packing for four children and one husband which would usually have me at breaking point even before we had decided to leave for the airport.  I now have the luxury of packing my own and giving advice to whoever may be coming along. This brings me back to picking this years annual holiday.

I thought about Cuba. Now whilst researching I over heard a group of people in a pub in Wimbledon discussing their holiday in Cuba. now trying to listen to Peter and having one ear on their conversation is tricky in itself ( which is one of Peter’s bugbear’s when I’m interested in someone’s convo that is not on our table) one person had booked independently and the other booked with Tui, stretching my ear to listen all I got was lovely beach and all-inclusive was ok..not that helpful. I looked online but I find the more you look the more bamboozled I become and people’s reviews were very mixed. A few weeks later we visited our local Italian (owned by Portguese) restaurant and Silvio told us he was off to Cuba and he gave it a big old thumbs up…now to persuade Peter but as always he is “Mr Manjana” so we have to wait.

It had taken sometime to pin Peter down to discuss, pick and the dreaded word Pay and eventually we had decided not to head to Cuba this year and try Thailand again.

The first time was around five years ago with our friends Annabel, Paul and their son. Although we had a brilliant time both Paul and Peter had been unwell and it had felt like unfinished business. Now last time we headed for Bangkok then onto Koh Chang. The furthest I had ever been has been Florida and my parents have been to Thailand before the major tsunami in 2004 and had given us great reviews.

We arrived to five star treatment, amazing food and hospitality. We took a walk along the most beautiful beach in Koh Chang and I couldn’t believe there were coconuts on the beech that had fallen from the tree, so I ran over to pick one up and as I did my fingers slid deep into the rancid rotten meat smelling fruit, any sort of paradise left my senses with the most horrific smell, I ran into the sea to wash it off but no luck and the walk back to the hotel was a good 40 minute walk. Heavenly scented I was not!  Another time we let Molly#3and Liberty#2 go out on a canoe with Annabel’s son and we convinced ourselves they were going to die and be eaten by sharks so began screaming on beach for them to come back to the shore, they returned unfazed by this with the words of “what the hell, we was having fun”.

I found a love for Thai food, roasted coconut and met some lovely people, I keep in touch with Tree a young man who worked in a local bar on the beach via face book and I haven’t had the heart to say we are returning but not to Koh Chang.

When we went last time Poppy#1 and Max #1 son didn’t come as they will not this year . Max spent New Year in Australia with his best buddy who is travelling at the moment and Poppy is off to Canada in September for a friends wedding.  I hope we can get a few days away all together in the sunshine later this year. We all went to Ibiza last year which was amazing.

Back to Thailand, our friends are going as well but they are staying in Pattaya for the whole time so we have decided to have two nights in Bangkok then three nights in Pattaya, they have been there before so will be able to show us the sights without losing time faffing around then on to Koh Sumui for nine days. Liz and Paul’s hotel has a water park, lazy river etc as they have younger children with them, so we have decided to stay in a hotel just along the way leaving us able to dip in and out. I have been checking online for iteneries for three days so leaving us time to relax and have fun. I’m quite excited but we have at least four months yet. I think the girls will have a different time and are really enthusiastic, we all want to try yoga in our hotel and are eager to be a bit more adventurous . We will have to wait and see, what with a boyfriend being left behind and time differences.  For now….

Kob Kuhn Mak




Trying to count macro’s

So my main aim for the week has been counting macros (counting carbs, protein etc), I’m driving everyone in the house mad trying to keep a tab on the numbers, as last week being weighed at the gym was frustrating to say the least by “J” my personal trainer. I even bored my 1.30 club lunch partners in the staff room with my drone about not losing weight, they felt my pain of wanting to cut my leg off  and eating boiled eggs for extra protein to get to my goal before my weekend away in Harrogate.

WELL a miracle did happen… as “J” suggested a weigh in on Friday, my heart dropped “Oh no not again” I’m not sure my heart could take it nor my face, what with trying to stifle a cry with my poker face… but bingo 3.5 kilos in old school half a stone! WHAT THE HELL!!! I still can’t get my head round it, I’m not convinced, maybe the scales are wrong? I’m not holding my breath as I’m that sort of gal where I always think something must be up instead of patting myself on the back and believing in myself. Anyway “J” was chuffed also 3 inches from my waist woohoo. I hope she doesn’t want to weigh me again so soon or I will have to resort to cutting another limb off.

So last Sunday we had a family lunch which Max #1 son rubbed his hands together as it was everyone’s favourite, Poppy #1 daughter and boyfriend Ollie along with Liberty and Molly #3 and #4 daughters were excited for Toad in the hole. Now I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth because Peter #1 husband decided he would go to Tesco buy, prepare and cook. Marvellous all I had to do was peel potato’s yay. Now what should have been a quick dinner turned into a mammoth George Michael concert listening 4 hour event. This resulted in burnt hole (yorkshire pudding) and Peter being all Jamie Oliverish put various different toads (sausages) in the said burnt hole which were not to everyone’s liking and to top it off shop bought red onion gravy…oh no no no sireee… Note to self should of helped by going with him but had a slight hangover from our night out with friends Kelly and Dan, Pornstar Martini. G&T. Wine blimey no wonder I felt worse for wear.

But never the less I love sitting around our table with our children, its never quiet, sometimes a bit of an argument happens but not this Sunday all happy, chatting, lively fun that makes me a happy Mumma.

We had a brief encounter with Yorkshire this weekend – stayed in The Hotel Du Vin in Harrogate a very lovely place, shops are fantastic and lots of different places to eat and drink. I tested the gin and amazingly it tasted the same as in London. Met a wonderful young lady from Spain who worked in our hotel bar, she actually made me want to go to San Sabastian. I think maybe it was her accent that sold it to me, sounded so much nicer how she said it. Any how that has been put on the to do list. I think I would like to stay a little more rustic place next time, I had an image in my head what Yorkshire was like and it definitely wasn’t flat caps, pipe smoking, hovis eating. In fact Harrogate was very nice, wish we could of spent a little more time but there is always next time. We travelled by train which was relaxing but coming home felt exhausting.

So next week we look forward to Easter. Time for friends and family to get together and chocolate eggs, how on earth am I going count my macros…We have to see what next week!

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Start as you mean to go on!

So decided New Year New Me… NOT! Only updated version of 2017 perhaps. I have been trying to get my act together since January but too many distractions such as afternoon tea at The Dorchester (present from daughter #3 Molly ), here I need to add that each of my children bought me a experience present for my 50th … Daughter #1 Poppy took me The Ivy and then onto Les Miserable. Daughter #2 Liberty took me to see Dream girls and Max #1 Son is yet to take me for gin tasting… Anyway, back to The Dorchester! Yessss I hear you say, what with Gin and Tonic, champagne, tea, hot water with a flower in it and eating Molly’s sandwiches, the one’s she hated plus my own along with numerous amounts of cake… I had to undo my button just to breath.

Back to my gym antic’s. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not shy with exercise. Before I started my full time job, over a year ago in a High School office I regularly went to an outdoor fitness session which kept my weight at bay, so what with being less active during the day and the amount of cakes in the office and the occasional treats from the chef in the School kitchen,  I have noticed the pounds creeping on. I try to walk to and from school at least twice a week which takes me around 40 minutes each way and I’m a sweaty mess when I arrive in my trainers, skirt, tights etc (not the greatest look but hey) and I have joined a gym that I haven’t actually been attending much until the past few weeks.

Enter my personal trainer… I picked her out of many on the wall at the gym, she seems nice- we shall call her J. She is very young, toned and I think she is very sweet (note to self- find out little more about J). So she weighed, measured and sent me what to eat- a fist full of this, palm full of that and asked if I would send her my food diary, which I have. She gave me a sheet to enter the exercise that I’ve followed on the days I don’t see her. So we are two and half week’s in and this week I have been to the gym on my own and also with two of my girls, so to my horror when I arrive to my personal training session J decides it would be great to measure and weigh me..HELL NO!.. Okay so I agreed, now I have been really good apart from Sunday which was Mothers Day, a few glasses of Prosecco around my mums with my sister then out for lunch and G & T’s etc etc…Oh I forgot Peter and I popped into a posh hotel for a cheeky couple of G & T’s and I now remember hitting the bowl of nuts quite hard (I had erased this from my mind).

Back to J at the gym. NO CHANGE IN WEIGHT OR MEASUREMENTS!!! Now I’m a sensitive soul and obviously my face was trying to tell a different story but she could tell I wanted to burst out crying and wail NOOOOOOOO, I held it in until the end of our session then rang Peter #1 Husband and cried and said ‘that’s it I’m done’ and his response obviously was Karen, Karen, Karen and went on to tell me everything he had already told me literally days ago… Now Pete has the hearing of a bat so when I weigh myself in the bathroom there is a little beep and then i get the shout from downstairs “GET OFF THE SCALES”  I’m eager for weight loss, Pete said keep doing what I’m doing but I planned to be at least half a stone lighter by next weekend as we have a 50th Birthday to attend, well that looks unlikely unless I wake up mid week and a miracle has happened or I lose a leg! J said I’m doing really well (except for nutgate) but I have plans for this weekend with friends and we are going for a curry, I can be good so I will try but will it affect all my good work?… Arrrrghh it’s so hard and boring.

I love food, drink and socialising. I will keep you updated with my non fluctuating weight but as I have been typing I realise perhaps I actually haven’t been that good… G & T’s nuts etc!.. Right draw a line under it and start again.